Locally manufactured portable
A stainless steel wood burning pizza oven.
Selection of colors available.



A wood burning portable oven that is light enough to move. Can be used to make pizza, Baked dishes, roasts as well as bread. Can also be used as a fire place indoor* when cold.

The unique feature of our oven design is that the benefits of burning wood on one side allows a greater dispersion and equilibrium of heat throughout the oven. This has a great benefit when roasting and making pizza’s.
Another benefit being the ease cleaning ambers and wood shards.
And on those cold winter nights a bonus feature is a cosy indoor fireplace.
Portable, convenient and very adaptable.

  • 5 STARS !!

    Cassia Rimell
  • 5 STARS !!

    Corlie Esterhuyse Viljoen
  • This is truly innovative and an amazing design..... I predict every household will have one in the near future ... I am on top of that list.... Great awesome and amazing

    Jonathan Brinkman
  • Hi Jack. I just wanted to say Thank You for sorting out the pizza oven. It really works incredibly well. Cooks pizza's in a couple of minutes. So really easy to have a pizza party. I also cooked a chicken on the rotisserie. It was really juicy. I am very happy with it and especially your service and support.



Locally manufactured portable wood fired pizza oven
Selection of colours available.
The pizza oven is able to cook 2x 30cm pizza or 3x 20cm pizza’s .
This oven has a unique feature ,whereby the wood is stacked on the side of the oven in a one of a kind design ,making much easier to clean ,as the ashes are collected in the rack below the fire ,and also making more space for the pizza’s as there is no fire on the floor of the oven .